Evolving Spaces helped me create a more comfortable energy in my home.  The space now flows!  Thank you Evolving Spaces for making my home a much more pleasureable space.   I cleaned up my 'prosperity' space and the next day I had a phone call for a big contract!

Tanya - Simcoe, ON

Thank you for checking in!  The transformation of this room has helped me to start/continue transforming my life.  I am so excited to come down here and work at my desk now. I stay down here way longer than ever before and feel almost no need to bring the computer upstairs.  This is fast becoming MY safe haven and I am so grateful to you for helping out.  This morning I even engaged in a short yoga practice on my new carpet.  It was lovely!  -Heather

I found Katherine very thorough and knowledgeable.  Her services made a deep impact in our lives.  She made several suggestions that gave us the change we were looking for.  I recommend her in a heartbeat.  Thank you for everything you did for us.  -Homa and Adam, Fort McMurray, AB

"Allowing space, letting things flow, and trusting the universe"  is how Katherine put it...summing up perfectly the elusive yet definitive feeling that something has and is changing as I continue my Feng Shui journey.

Evolving Spaces is such an appropriate name, as this is a process of evolution. Out with the old, in with the new, letting go ...of things, expectations, resentments, old dreams, missed opportunities, regrets, Gramma's furniture, what have you.

Making room for new dreams, current life to be lived to the fullest, looking forward with joy and wonder at all things possible...not knowing but ready and willing.

And you will not be alone, Katherine is always there, ready to help, suggest, support and encourage, sharing herself and her own journey, supportive, encouraging and sincere.  Know that you are worth it!

Carol MacDonald

Fort McMurray, AB